Miss Dee

She is a 16 year old Shire Quarter horse cross and mother to Hazel. Miss Dee is also call Mama Dee because she takes over a very nurturing role in the herd and on the property. She is a gentle big girl that is very loving and kind. She seems to be an old soul that is all known and just her gaze alone will make you feel seen and loved. Purple is her favorite color. She is a pretty girl and loves her picture to be taken. As a matter of fact, she was used in wedding pictures before.


GSR “Going to Delight”  This American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft horse is also called Hazy Baby which really doesn’t not make any sense anymore. She was born in may of 2021 and will be turning 2 this year. She is already a big girl and standing 15’1 hands tall. She loves to play and is an eager learner. She loves liberty work and knows how to lift her hooves on command and stay like a dog until you call her over. She is a funny girl and has her spunky moments. She snores when she sleeps and doesn’t mind when Saskia comes over to love on her when she is sleeping. Sometimes they take naps together on the ground. She can be lazy at times and will just fall asleep when you are trying to work with her.


RTD’s “Everybody is looking” is also a Sugarbush Draft/ Stone Wall Draft horse. She is 6 years old and an October Baby. Tango loves the cooler temperatures and is the alpha mare of the herd. She eats first and will chase the others away from her food. Otherwise, she is very laid back and kind of lazy. She loves to be the #1. She loves to be everyone’s favorite but only on her terms. She is a great mom to her foal Idun and will have another baby in May. We are excited for the arrival of her second baby. Tango loves to be rubbed and groomed and to look pretty. She will put her hind end towards you so that you can rub it for her. She is a true buckskin but her color changes a little throughout the year. She will get dark with dapples and very light during other times.


STF’s “Bringer of Life” is Tango’s first born baby and a Sugarbush Draft horse as well. Idun and Hazel share the same dad and are half sisters. She is a loving and sweet little girl and will turn 1 years old in April. She will follow you around like a puppy and is very nosy. She may try to test boundaries or will try to eat your shoes. She looks up to her half sister Hazel, those two have the best adventures together, and will get into trouble together. She is very patient is still so sweet and innocent. Like her mother, Idun is also a buckskin but with chrome socks and a white blaze. She has the softest coat and loves her neck to be rubbed. Idun was born with a thick bushy tail and that has not changed. She wants to be the center of attention and get jealous when you spend time with somebody else.


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