Hey there, I’m Saskia and and I want to help you discover your ease and connection to bring relief from your life’s burdens.

I’m a yoga instructor, equine enthusiast, reiki practitioner, perpetual dreamer and lover of nature. I grew up in a small town in the Northern German Country side with horses and in connection with nature. Through the strong influences of my mother, I was exposed to the holistic approach from a young age. 



Nature Lover, Equine Enthusiast and Yoga Guide

 From collecting herbs for natural hair shampoo or healing compresses to an early Reiki Attunement, I found my way to Yoga and Thai Chi at 18years of age. I have been practicing Yoga since then, and used it to be in connection with nature even while living in New York City. After a career in the corporate world, I decided to leave the business world to become a full time yoga teacher in 2014.

I was introduced to yoga in 2003, practicing on and off initially. After moving from the German to New York City in 2006 yoga became an essential and substantial practice helping me to find stillness, peace, and clarity in the big city. 

My first teacher training I completed with the Sarva Yoga Academy in NYC with teachers like Lilia Mead, Michael Hewett and Matthew Lombardo. I have studied various lineages of yoga, the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism, Indian Yoga, and the Fourth Way.

Very soon after my first training I was certified as a Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner by Cheri Clampett & Arturo Peal & a certified Reiki Practitioner of the 2nd degree. I got certified as a Chair Yoga Teacher by Lakshimi Voelker in the program „Get Fit Where You Sit“ and the Ayurveda Yoga Specialist with the Himalayan Institute and Kathryn Templeton and the Yoga Bird Studio in Fort Myers.  


Currently, I’m enrolled in the 500/1000 hour Yoga Medicine program with Tiffany Cruikshank, and additional programs for yoga for Depression & Anxiety, Warriors at Ease and Nikki Myers Yoga 12 Step Program.

For me yoga is not just a physical practice but rather a combination of mind, body & spirit, and the healing powers of the unity of these elements. With the broad trainings background I teach everything from Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga to Vinyasa Flows or Strengthening Flows, in which she aims to combine the inner & outer methods of healing simultaneously in motion. 

As an avid cyclist, I’m also a spin instructor and have a background as a group fitness instructor.

A balanced lifestyle is important. Fast and slow. Strong and soft. Work and play. Yin and Yang.

Get to know me


I grew up in the German countryside


My horse just had a baby


I believe that dreams come true


My cats love when I teach yoga


I do shoulder strengthening exercises with a pitchfork


I love baking


I worry too much


I'm always a student and never stop learning.


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Connection Retreats

Retreat to the farms to find connection with nature and with yourself. Retreats include mindful yoga, energizing foods, mingling with horses and donkeys and walks through nature. Join us for incredible days of peace and harmony in Starke, Florida.

Yoga, Fitness, Reiki, Ayurveda

For Saskia, yoga is not a physical practice but rather a combination of mind, body & spirit, and the healing powers of the unity of these elements. Saskia Farms offers a regular schedule of onsite and virtual yoga classes each week, as well as private lessons and “farm fitness” workouts.

Horse Boarding, Equine Massage, Reiki

Saskia Farms offers a variety of equine-focused services, including boarding for your horse, and a variety of modalities to work with their energy and physical body to increase circulation, muscular relief and to aid with the healing of acute or chronic injuries.


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