Bodywork + Connection for Humans and Horses

Saskia Thode serves people and animals in need of healing by providing yoga, massage, reiki, Ayurvedic consultations, retreats, and the space to feel better and learn tools for relief, connection, and a more positive outlook on life.

For You: Yoga, Reiki, Connection Retreats
For Your Equine: Massage, Reiki, Acupressure


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For You

Connect your body and mind and tap into the healing powers of these elements by making time to be present with yourself through Yoga (on-site or virtual), Reiki, Ayurvedic consultations,  or escape your everyday routine to retreat into nature and stillness.

For Your Equine

Saskia works with your horse to read their body language and honest expression, and provides equine massage, Reiki, and acupressure. The results of a gentle energetic touch can be incredible and horses can find a great release or relief from pain. 

The Farms

Saskia Farms sits on 23 acres of Florida’s natural land: 10 acres with shade, a lean-to and two pastures, and another 10+ acres of trails with access to a creek. We host connection retreats, offer horse boarding services, and have plans for sustainability and gardening practices and workshops.


Saskia Thode is a yoga instructor, equine enthusiast, reiki practitioner, and lover of nature.

A perpetual dreamer, Saskia grew up in a small town in the Northern German countryside with horses and in connection with nature. Through the strong influences of her mother, Saskia was exposed to the holistic approach from a young age. From collecting herbs for natural hair shampoo or healing compresses to an early Reiki Attunement, she found her way to Yoga and Thai Chi at 18 years of age.


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Client success stories

I received Reiki from Saskia while going through a really difficult transition in my life. We met in Fort Green Park for my session. I asked her if there was anything she needed to know about me and she kindly said I didn’t need to say anything. I laid on the grass and without her saying a word and could feel her call in all the directions. I have to this day never had a Reiki session like hers. It was very powerful and so healing for my heart chakra at that time. It was the second time i’d received Reiki and afterwards, I knew I myself needed to study Reiki. My session with Saskia was my biggest inspiration for my own Reiki journey and studies which have led me to becoming a practitioner and has in turn been incredibly self healing. Saskia is a powerful and inspiring channel for healing Earth energy. I highly recommend her. Thank you Saskia!


Saskia came into my life when I was experiencing a deep and profound loss.  My body was in pain and I was grieving.  She intuitively knew exactly what I needed in yoga classes and clearly gave instruction.  She also gave me Reiki treatments that not only helped relieve physical pain, but I also started to feel more balanced emotionally.  I am so grateful for Saskia.  She is an amazing yoga instructor and Reiki healer.


Thank you, Saskia for an incredible day of peace and harmony. Your outdoor retreat away from the bustle of St. Augustine made me feel like I was far away from home. I was able to leave behind my daily routines and family obligations for a whole day. The morning started off with an outdoor mindful yoga practice – stretching and breathing while guided by a soothing and encouraging voice. We took a moment to have lunch that included a variety of healthy and energizing treats including a steaming cup of Ayurvedic tea. We spent time getting to know the horses and donkeys, a new experience for this city girl.  At the end of the day, we took a nature walk, stopped to listen to outdoor sounds and identified beauty in some of the smallest things that we mostly overlook. Our final stop was in a secluded meadow for a closing mediation. Committing one day to myself was a game changer for my well-being and I plan to revisit Saskia and her friends for another blissful retreat.


Saskia has an amazing touch! I rescued a horse naturally scared and tense. She did a full massage on him weekly for a while then less and less. The way he responded to her was amazing! He was able to release and release so many times he’s is so much better. He is more relaxed and less tense.
Saskia also performed a reiki massage on me. She has an amazing touch and helped me release lots of stress and tension.

– Evelyn

First and foremost, Saskia is a sweet, kind, and loving personality! She’s amazing at what she does. Her knowledge is incredible. One of the best in her field and there isn’t anyone I can think of with as many qualifications as she has. I would highly recommend her for your personal physical journey through exercise, yoga, etc. And of course the horses! Her connection with them is amazing. And that’s to say the least, she offers so much more! Worth checking out the lovely farm!

– Mariah

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