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Saskia Farms

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Do I Need Experience to Attend Events?

No prior experience is necessary to attend yoga classes, workshops, retreats or events. In fact, no particular experience would prepare you for everything we do here at Saskia Farms. It’s a rather unique combination of nature, equine services and yoga, reiki and ayurveda that connects you with yourself and the world around you. 


Do Your Human and Equine Services Work for Physical Pain?

Reiki treatments do help to relieve physical pain, but they can also assist clients in feeling more balanced emotionally. This applies to humans and horses! The results of a gentle energetic touch can be incredible.


What if I am a "City Person?" How Much Nature is involved?

Retreats and events at Saskia Farms are very nature-focused. Attendees will lodge in rustic cabins or tents for an authentic connection with the elements and total retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.


How Do Horse Boarding Services Work?

At Saskia Farms, we offer a natural environment for your horse to live and thrive. With 10 of natural tree shade and a lean-to separated into two pastures, and another 10+ acres of trails with access to a nearby creek. We are very mindful of the dynamics of our herd, so our Boarding services will be assessed on an individual basis, to ensure that your horse and our resident horses will receive the best care possible.


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